Best Jewelry Steam Cleaner Review for [ 2022 ]

Jewelry steam cleaner can be considered as a kind of single-use item that cleans the surfaces and stains on jewelry. It uses hot steam to cleanse and remove dirt from the jewelry. The most important thing about this device is to ensure that it is appropriately sized to accommodate various sizes of the gemstones used in making jewelry. The size of this device may vary depending on the size, weight, shape, texture, or type of your gems. Generally, it is approximately 24 inches in length, 4.5 inches in width, and 4 inches thick. The length of this device is important because it needs adequate space to hold the necklaces and bracelets both stretched out as well as hung up. The width of this device is best suited for gemstones with very thin or thin edges.


Jewelry Steam Cleaner

How does it work?

Most of these steamers use the same technique as seen in the car detailing industry. The process consists of applying an appropriate perfume or fragrance to protect the item, combining this with ordinary tap water, and then adding pressurized air for deep cleaning. This combination will emit vapor to remove any unpleasant smells from your items while filling your home with a beautiful smell.

Is it safe?

The concept of using pressurized air to clean jewelry is a very popular method in many industries. This method used in the car detailing industry is called as ultrasonic cleaning and was originally created for the purpose of cleaning interior items such as shoes, clothes, and furniture.

How well does it work?

This cleaner works very well on any non-porous material such as metals, stones and glass. If there is any printing on the product, some of these details can be removed while using the steamer. For example, certain brand logos will fade away once they are placed in this steam cleaner.


What affects how well it works?

The main ingredients in this steam cleaner solution are tap water and pressurized air. When selecting a perfume or fragrance to add to your machine, you must select the right product for your needs. If you do not

choose a suitable perfume or fragrance, then your cleaning solution will not have the same effect as it normally would. For example, sodium bicarbonate can be used as a deodorizer in any steam machine. The main purpose of this ingredient is to remove smells and purify water.

Properly sanitizing jewelry with steam sterilization.

Steam sterilization is one of the most popular methods for properly cleaning and sanitizing jewelry. There are several reasons why this method is so popular among consumers.

It is fast and convenient. You do not need to spend a long period of time waiting for your jewelry to be properly cleaned. The steam will remove any dirt, grime, and bacteria hiding within the hard-to-reach areas of your items.

You will never have to worry about using too much water or too many chemicals that may damage your jewelry or the machine itself. All you need is water vapor mixed with pressurized air to get fantastic results every single time.

It is a safe method.

It is very easy to sanitize your jewelry using steam sterilization. With steam sterilization, the water used to clean your jewelry won’t be hot, nor will the air pressure needed to keep the water in place be high. Both of these factors can easily damage delicate jewelry items that may have intricate and small parts. Using this machine will provide you with high-quality results every single time.

Common problems.

One of the most common problems with this steam cleaner is its hoods that are not heat-resistant enough. The machine itself is hot, but it is the hood that has to withstand the high temperature. If the area where you will place your necklaces and bracelets will be exposed to direct sunlight, then make sure that you choose a steam cleaner with an adjustable hood.

There are cases wherein jewelers do not prefer to use this kind of device unless absolutely necessary. Since this cleaner can cause damage to your jewelry, such things as loose parts or stones falling out of place could happen if you do not know how to use it properly. You have to be careful in using the tool because a stunning product can turn out ugly once it has been damaged by the steam cleaner. Jewelers should clean their own pieces so they can learn how exactly to operate the machine and avoid causing excess damages. You have to learn the proper way of cleaning your gems so you can avoid accidentally damaging them.

When using it, you have to be careful in doing so since the device may cause some damage to your gems. There are cases wherein jewelers have experienced scratches or even cracks on their precious gems due to improper usage of this product. It is best if you know how to use it properly so that you can avoid causing damage to the gems.


Different types of steam cleaners for jewelry.

1) Portable butane steam cleaners

The portable butane steam cleaner is a very effective, simple to use, and portable jewelry cleaner. It consists of a smaller steam cleaner that is about the size of a large water bottle. The portable steam cleaners are usually used in conjunction with smaller jewelry pieces. (While this type is also good for cleaning larger pieces, there will be limitations.) They are easy to use and take up little space, making them an ideal option for keeping at home or on vacation. There is a small reservoir at the top of the cleaner which will hold water, and you will fill this with water then put the butane gas canister in. Once the butane is lit you will be able to use steam to clean, polish and dry jewelry.

2. Hand held steam cleaners

The handheld steam cleaner is a big step up from the portable butane steam cleaner. It has a larger tank and can clean more jewelry. The differences are that this type of jewelry cleaner has a waterproof tank, whereas the portable one does not have this feature. It also has the option of having a disposable or reusable filter so that you can be sure to get all the debris out of your jewelry pieces. This type also comes with a larger array of accessories.

3. Steam cleaning kits

The steam cleaning kit is a kit that has all the essentials you will need to help make cleaning your jewelry easy and effective. The kit includes different size attachments for the steam cleaners, along with screens, cleaning pads and more. Overall, the kits are an excellent option for those who would like their own detail set so they can keep everything in one place.

4. Steam Cleaner combination kits

The combination kit will have some of the items from the previous two kits, but also has a few extras. For example, this type will have different-sized steam cleaner heads for different jewelry pieces and accessories. This allows you to use more than one size of attachments at a time to be able to clean your jewelry in more effective and efficient ways. It also includes additional accessories such as cloths and brushes that allow you to keep your jewelry clean while making it ready for storage or display.

5. Handheld steam cleaners with water tanks

The handheld steam cleaner with water tanks is much like the handheld steam cleaner from the previous category. However, this type comes with a larger water tank which allows you to clean more jewelry at a time and makes it easier to clean large pieces of jewelry. The only drawbacks are that this water tank is removable when empty so you need to be careful not to lose it and that it will take longer to heat up.

Essentials to look for when choosing a this steam cleaner.

1. The price.

The prices of the cleaners vary depending on the brand and model. The price of the steam cleaner will be influenced by its capacity, the cleaning power and the quality of make. The price can also depend on how many accessories it comes with such as an accessory pouch etc. For example, a Mighty Steam Jewelry Cleaner can cost around $20 while a Hoover Steam Vac G3 can cost around $50 to $70. There are other less expensive models but this is the one to consider if you want the best value for your money.

2. The cleaning power.

The cleaning power of this steam cleaner is determined by the size of the tank, how many accessories are included and whether or not it has a variable steam control. If you want to clean jewelry quickly then make sure there is a removable tank so that you can have easy access to the water. There should also be an accessory pouch where you can keep all your cleaning tools such as brushes, polishing cloths and sponges etc. The cleaning power of the cleaner should be strong enough to penetrate the grime and dirt.

3. Is it safe for delicate pieces?

The steamer should not be too hot as this can damage your jewelry. The water should have an even temperature throughout the cleaning process so that you do not risk burning yourself or damaging your jewelry. It is best to choose a model that comes with a variable steam control so that you can adjust it

accordingly to the piece you are going to clean or sanitize.

4. Does it come with any maintenance tools?

Some steam cleaners do not come with any accessories or tools to maintain the machine. But most models do have an accessory pouch for you to keep all your cleaning tools in. This can be a good feature because it offers extra storage space and reduces the chances of losing some of your valuable cleaning accessories. For example, some of the cleaners do not come with any brushes while others have a combination of absorbent and polishing brushes etc.

5. Is it easy to use?

The machine should be easy to use, with an on/off button and variable controls. The opening to the water tank should not be too small or too big. It should also have a long cord so that you can easily reach all areas when cleaning. A steam cleaner with a removable tank is better because you will have easy access to the water. You are also able to see how much water you have left and use the removable tank more than once.

Benefits of Steamer cleaning.

Steam cleaning is specifically a good way to clean jewelry with delicate settings of diamonds and gemstones. There are various benefits of this process, for one it is much better in removing grease and dirt than regular cleaning methods. With the steam cleaner, you can remove unusual dirt from your gems that you can’t normally remove by regular washing or using chemical solutions.

Another advantage of using the steamer is the fact that it will not harm the gems unlike other chemical cleaners with harsh chemicals that can damage your precious jewels. You don’t have to worry about the safety risks of using the steam cleaner. It is safe to use and the recommended cleaning method for the gems.


This steam cleaner usually comes with cleaning solutions that you can use in removing certain stains on your jewelry such as the ones caused by cosmetics, dirt, food and other residues. It is recommended that jewelers learn how to make their own cleaning solutions for these steam cleaners. This is due to the fact that not all of the cleaning solutions sold in stores are made with safe ingredients for your expensive gems. It is best to ensure that you can mix the proper ingredients and use it before cleaning your jewelry with this tool.

Cleaning jewelry is an essential part of owning jewelry. Quality cleaning products and proper care will extend the life of your pieces and reduce the risk of hazards such as tarnish.

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